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Bespoke marketing support for your business

FENSA have asked CMDi, our trusted marketing partners, to design a range of support packages to help FENSA Approved Installers with everything from websites and digital marketing, to logos and brochures.

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FENSA Installer Marketing
Only for FENSA Approved Installers

CMDi can take care of all your marketing needs, giving you a valuable edge, with a range of digital and traditional marketing options.

Because our marketing packages are modular, the support we provide can be scaled to meet your immediate and longer-term needs – and budget – precisely.

So whether you’ve already invested in marketing but it’s not working as hard as it should, or you want to do more but don’t have the time or resource, FENSA Installer Marketing is here to help you win more work.

It’s tough out there. More installers are competing for the same customers’ home improvement budget every day.

By using FENSA Installer Marketing you will ensure:

Your business stands out from the crowd with better branding and messaging
Your website is optimised to show what your customers need to know to choose you over others
Your business gets found by more people using advanced online marketing tools
Your social media works harder for you, with better content and techniques to get you followed and liked by the right people
Your marketing materials help you attract more work, for a higher price, by looking professional and providing the advice your customers want
You have quality content marketing that increases your credibility and influence
You have online and press advertising that attracts more of the right people with the most effective message
So, you can relax and get on with the business of installing, knowing your marketing is working for you to deliver monthly results with proven return on investment.
FENSA Installer Marketing works as your virtual marketing department.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated manager who will recommend and run all the marketing activities for your business. They’ll provide you with a monthly report showing what the activity has achieved each month, and what’s coming up next.

FENSA will invoice you a fixed monthly fee, which you’ll agree in advance for the year, and then communications specialists CMDi will do the work.

You’ll have no additional costs to think about, no in-house team to manage, and no time wasted sorting out your own marketing.

One monthly payment and you’re all set to watch your business grow.

Why CMDi is the right choice for you

CMDi is FENSA’s marketing agency, responsible for the new TV campaign and marketing materials designed to help your installation business
compete harder.

They are leading specialists in construction marketing, with an understanding of your specific needs and how to drive homeowners to choose you over competitors.

Their team of experts will provide all the support you need to win more work by showing that, as a FENSA Approved Installer, only you can provide proof to customers of a job done right.

CMDi is the UK’s leading brand and marketing agency for the Building and Construction sector. The agency has over 20 years of experience
building brands, guiding transformation, and delivering creative solutions that improve the effectiveness of communications.


CMDi is our trusted marketing partner… they’ll do great things for you.

Tom Butler, Head of Sales & Marketing, FENSA Ltd

Monthly fee – digital marketing options

PPC and SEO – can you afford not to?

The combination of SEO and PPC [Pay Per Click advertising] will deliver immediate traffic to your website, laser precise targeting of online customers and advertising with an exceptional ROI (when done well). SEO and PPC, provide everything you need to target potential customers who are actively looking for the very services that you provide.

What is SEO and PPC?

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of getting your website listed within search engines such as Google & Yahoo for keywords that are relevant to your installation business, like ‘replacement windows’.

PPC is online advertising. You pay a fee for words you define [such as ‘double glazing installers in London’], which will then show up at the top of the Google search results, or any other similar search engine (such as Yahoo! or Bing).

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Social Media Marketing

This option allows you to add a powerful social media campaign to other digital marketing packages. Our digital marketing expert works
with you to review your objectives and create a social media plan that integrates with your digital advertising programme.

Why social media is good for business

The intelligent use of social media drives targeted traffic to your website – that means more customers will click through to your
website, not your competitors’. An active social media presence also builds deeper relationships with customers, building trust, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Benefit from cost savings if you combine Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing packages.

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Content marketing builds trust

This option provides bespoke, engaging content to really drive audience interaction and affection for your brand. Our digital marketing expert works with you to review your objectives and create a content plan that integrates with your digital advertising programme.

Better content helps you cut through the clutter to win better work

With such fierce competition out there, you need to differentiate what you do by telling your story in a more engaging way. From creative strategy, production and post-production, to channel management, media support and consultancy, this package will boost your business helping you to win the type of high margin work you deserve.

Benefit from cost savings if you combine Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing packages.

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We see FENSA Installer Marketing as the best way to help our installers compete harder, with less hassle, getting bigger results from their marketing budget.

Chris Beedel, Director of Membership, FENSA Ltd

Other FENSA Installer services

It’s a fact that businesses who have a digital marketing strategy will achieve more results with less cost, than those who rely on luck and a ‘spray and pray’ approach.

Our digital experts will work with you to assess your current website, digital social and content marketing opportunities and recommend the best ways to maximise your ROI on digital marketing.

Give your business a more professional look with a design makeover.

Our experienced design team will develop the items you need to ensure your business inspires confidence with your customers.

Everything you need to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Our specialist design team will develop an integrated look and feel across all the items you need in your marketing toolkit.

Defining what makes your business different is vital to ensure greater market share and profitability.

Our brand experts will work with you to sharpen your top-level business pitch, then leverage your valuable point of difference across all marketing.

Today’s most successful businesses have a marketing strategy; the only reliable way to move to the next level of growth.

Our marketing experts will work with you to build your strategy for the next three years, plan where should you focus your marketing investment, and define what actions you need to take to grow your business.

Is your website working hard enough for your business?

Our digital experts will work with you to assess your current website and recommend the best ways to make it more effective, without the cost of starting from scratch.

If your website isn’t working well enough for you, you could be missing out on thousands of pounds of new business.

Sometimes it pays to invest in a new website to gain the valuable advantages of improved technology and an optimised approach to digital marketing.

Providing your customers with professional looking materials and great advice is the best way to avoid a ‘race to the bottom’ on price against other companies.

Our experts will design a bespoke range of marketing materials for your business, to help you win more work with greater margins.

What to do next

The best way to take advantage of this service from FENSA is to contact CMDi to talk through your specific marketing needs. We’ll tell you what will work best for you and how much it will cost.

Because this is specially for you, from FENSA, it’s a fast, simple and cost effective approach to helping you win more work.

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Specially created by FENSA for FENSA approved installers. Delivered by CMDi, the UK’s leading brand and marketing agency for the Building and Construction sector.

Ask us to meet you to discuss the most cost-effective package for your installation business.

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