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Building sharper brands

CMDi works at board level, with leading built environment brands and membership organisations, to sharpen or transform their positioning, marketing, and communications.

From brand building, purpose articulation and product launch to customer closeness programmes, our unique blend of research, strategy, and creativity helps organisations focus on key strategic issues and then turn strategy into action.

The agency has over 20 years of construction marketing experience: sharpening brands, lifting communication ROI, and guiding organisational transformation.

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Our Team

CMDi has a senior only team of client focused specialists, combining years of experience in strategy, research, creativity and cross-channel implementation.

Six Unique Tools

We’re a strategically led creative agency, providing a sharper set of tools for building brands and driving engagement, proven to help our clients’ communications cut through.

All agencies offer an “approach”. CMDi offers a unique set of tools that are designed to help clients in the built environment compete harder with fewer resources.

Market-tested and recession-hardened, each of our six tools has been refined over 10+ years to the point where 100% of our clients strongly agree that CMDi has improved cut-through and response.

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Incisive communications that cut through.

We love creativity, we champion strategy, but we measure all our work in terms of cut-through and response. Because unless your spend on brand or communications generates response that translates into results, what’s the point?

From complex brand or product positioning, to homeowner engagement campaigns we apply CMDi’s unique incisive methodology to ensure our clients have more certainty of achieving the right outcome.

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Browse incisive news and views on the built environment and related sectors.

Review current campaigns, see the latest trends, and more. Includes free incisive communications guides and valuable comments on issues affecting B2B marketing effectiveness.

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How sharp is your brand?

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If your communications don’t cut through, what’s the point? Our free iTest has been designed by experts to indicate the incisiveness score of your marketing, instantly. Then list actionable ideas to help improve your brand’s effectiveness and traction.

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Dianne Lucas FCIM
Managing Director

Dianne has spent three decades in the marketing and communications industry, specialising in the built environment sector for the past 14 years.

Since joining CMDi in 2003 as managing director, she has built the agency’s reputation as creative marketing and brand build building specialists, working with some of the sector’s leading organisations. Dianne is responsible for guiding and advising clients on all aspects of our work, from the Brand Builder programme, to communications strategy and cross-channel execution.

Before joining CMDi, Dianne held senior board director positions within leading London-based agencies such as Saatchi and Saatchi, Imagination, Purchasepoint and Aspen PLC.

Dianne is the driving force behind the agency’s unique ‘incisive’ methodology, co-author of the incisive marketing series and originator of Brand Builder and the iTest.

Clive Hurcomb
Creative Director

Since 1994, Clive has consistently demonstrated an original talent for tackling the demanding specialised requirements of the built environment sector – where form cannot ignore function. His depth of experience, and breadth of skills, helps keep CMDi’s clients at the forefront of creative excellence.

Kenton Meyer
Strategy Director

Kenton is a big agency strategic planner, with experience in both B2C and B2B fields, in the UK, Europe and Africa, encompassing market research, brand reviews and communication planning, marketing strategy and training. He heads the CMDi strategy department, using both quantitative and qualitative research to underpin the agency’s strategies and provide direction for brand positioning programmes.

Tim Braithwaite
Head of Copy

A passionate ideas man and meticulous wordsmith, Tim brings years of experience working through-the-line with heavyweight London advertising agencies. Today he prefers the leaner, friendlier, and more agile environment of CMDi working closely with clients as part of a tight-knit team. Initially trained as an Architect, the built environment has always been a familiar subject.