Welcome to our series of real-world guides for B2B marketing professionals

How to take your brand to TV

How to Take Your Brand to TV

If you’re considering a brand strategy that uses TV as an above-the-line pull campaign, here are some tips from CMDi to get you started.

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5 Steps to Break the Barriers to your Brand

In this guide, we explain the 5 steps to breaking the barriers to your brand. We have developed these rules to allow your brand to out-perform the competition. Our guide is designed to be a game-changer for you because it has to be. And because simply repeating what hasn’t worked for your brand isn’t an option.

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10 Rules for Incisive Web Design

Here we explain our 10 rules to achieve truly incisive web design. We have developed these rules to allow your site to out-perform the competition. It is not just a matter of being seen; this is about motivating the right response from the right customers.

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What is a brand?

What is a Brand?

In this guide, we discuss the nature of a brand, and why it is so important to your business. There are countless ways to describe what a “brand” means, with little consensus; a clear explanation is hard to find. Here we decode the nature of a brand, and show why it is vital to manage yours in the proper manner.

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5 Ways to Sharpen Your Copy

Words are often the first aspect of your brand that customers see; words need to create preference for your product or service, and motivate them to action. This guide offers a glimpse into our deeper coaching on how to achieve those objectives by writing more incisively.

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5 Tests to Judge Creative Work

Looks good, but will it work? In today’s cluttered, overcrowded communications environment, it is more important than ever to insist that creative cuts through. This guide outlines our 5 rules for assessing the effectiveness of your creative output.

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5 Steps to Incisive Content

Who needs incisive content? You do. You have a target audience – you need them to react to your messages – you need an edge over competitors: incisive content puts you in front. In this guide we explain what ‘incisive content’ is, why it’s needed and how to create it using our five-point formula.

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5 Questions to Sharpen Briefs

Why asking “why” sharpens briefing. Defining the right questions to ask before answering a brief enables us to get communication right first time. This guide offers a taste of our coaching on how to use powerful questions to write incisive briefs.

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