Sharper thinking for the edge your marketing needs

CMDi is a strategic brand and performance marketing consultancy. We build sharper strategies for complex B2B businesses, built environment brands and membership organisations, turning strategy into action with certainty, in uncertain times.

Our unique methodology is designed to sharpen or transform positioning, accelerate digital marketing, optimise data driven engagement and increase personalisation. All focused on delivering improved marketing ROI.

From brand building to customer acquisition and segmentation programmes, our unique blend of research, strategy, and creativity helps organisations focus on key strategic issues and then implement change – quickly and cost-effectively.

The agency has over 20 years of B2B, B2C and construction marketing experience: sharpening brands, lifting communication ROI, and guiding organisational transformation.

Our senior-only team has worked with leading brands over two decades and are behind some of the sectors’ most effective communications.

Our specialism is highlighting yours

CMDi helps large multinationals and smaller challenger brands compete successfully in the built environment and related B2B sectors. We do this well because it’s all we do. In a crowded market, our point of difference is highlighting yours.

Despite any similarities you may have with competitors every business has a unique proposition, a distinct product and an individual story. For over 20 years, we’ve helped companies tell those stories more effectively.

We understand the specific challenges of specifiers, manufacturers, engineers, end users, home owners and many others. We know what works and what doesn’t; the how and the why.

That’s why CMDi’s creative solutions are developed faster and work harder.

Proven effectiveness for 100% of clients

As one of the first agencies to specialise in marketing for the built environment, CMDi has over 20 years of successful case studies. Today, we’re more than just a safe pair of hands. Every single one of our clients say CMDi improves the effectiveness of their communications.

For years, we’ve helped businesses overcome hyper-competition, product parity and brand fragmentation issues – drivers that have demanded highly specialist communication skills.

CMDi has evolved constantly to help clients meet new demands. Yet one thing remains true in a world of change: focused specialists deliver better results. We listen better, understand faster and connect with core markets more responsively than larger, or more generalist, agencies.

Today, CMDi blends the best communication practices with a deep understanding of multi-channel marketing, information consumption preferences and audience dynamics.

By balancing creativity with commercial focus, we build sharper brands and more valuable communications.

Incisive methodology that helps clients cut to the front

To be incisive is to cut through the clutter of today’s marketing noise. It’s easy to measure: marketing communications either make a difference to your bottom line, or they don’t.

CMDi’s approach is based on solid strategic foundations.

However complex your product or service may be, there’s always a simple and powerfully clear message your audience needs to hear. CMDi’s incisive approach enables us to identify that message swiftly and deploy a creative campaign with speed and accuracy to meet your time and budget requirements.

CMDi has successfully delivered the biggest change to our brand in over 75 years.

Chief Executive, Federation of Master Builders


Full service marketing, fully focused on your market

CMDi makes your products, services, and brand easier to choose over your rivals’. That’s because we combine a unique blend of strategic and creative skills, with years of experience solving communication challenges in your specific sector.

Our Team

CMDi has a senior only team of sector focused specialists, combining years of experience in strategy, research, creativity and cross-channel implementation.


CMDi builds brands on this foundational truth:

Today, only the most incisive communications get through the clutter.
Forget average, everyone else will.

Incisive ideas and messages are understood faster and remembered for longer. Clearly differentiated and ingeniously simple, they cut through and drive response.