COVID‑19 Services

CMDi’s COVID‑19 services are designed to ensure you manage your way out of the crisis with a strategy – not gut instinct

Harness your time working from home

While your competitors and other organisations are in a state of inertia or lock-down, move pre-emptively to seize advantage with a new marketing strategy and refreshed brand.

CMDi have years of experience in helping businesses sharpen their brand and marketing strategy – in good times and in bad.

Our unique methodology ensures a collaborative approach, but one that minimises the time, input and effort required by you – leaving you to focus on business priorities during the chaos, while we get you ready to activate a new approach to fast-track out of the crisis.

Whatever your marketing symptoms, CMDi’s COVID‑19 services will solve them.

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Fast-track to a fitter future with a 10-point health-check and action strategy

When we emerge from this unprecedented time of chaos and economic shutdown, only the fittest organisations will survive. CMDi work with you to audit your current crisis situation, develop a strategy to accelerate goal driven marketing actions and then get everything ready to help you activate the plan to fast-track you out of the crisis.

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Fast-track to a healthier brand to cut through the crisis

As the effects of the current crisis damage business more deeply, you need to immunise your brand by ensuring it is unmissable and unmatched in your marketplace. The way your brand looks and sounds and connects needs to be urgently reviewed. CMDi work with you to strengthen the presentation and relevance of your brand to customers to ensure you fast-track out of the crisis.

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Your COVID-19 ‘phone a friend’ service, helping you through the crisis and beyond

FREE practical help and advice from our expert team. This 1 hour session will help you prioritise issues and optimise opportunities, helping you build advantage and respond with certainty in uncertain times. No obligation and totally confidential, we’d like you to think of this as your COVID-19 marketing ‘phone a friend’ service.

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Manage your way out of the crisis with a strategy – not gut instinct.

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