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Crisis Marketing Health‑Check

CMDi COVID‑19 Service

Fast-track to a fitter future

Get ready for recovery – seize advantage

Don’t leave your future to chance, take control with an action focused strategy from the specialists who have navigated clients through crisis and change before.

Fast-track to a fitter future
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COVID-19 Health-Check

Harness your time working from home

While your competitors and other organisations are in a state of inertia or lock-down, unlock a new fit-for-purpose marketing growth plan.

Our Crisis Marketing Health-Check will be conducted by experts at CMDi who have years of experience in helping businesses sharpen their brand and marketing strategy – in good times and in bad. It will help you focus on small improvements you can implement easily to drive much needed short-term sales, while also developing a stronger longer-term strategy.

Our collaborative approach minimises the time, input and effort required by you – leaving you to focus on business priorities during the chaos, while we get you ready to activate a new approach to fast-track out of the crisis.

Leverage the lock-down to create a marketing strategy that cuts through the crisis

While so many businesses go into shock and inertia, winning businesses have already started working hard to get through this and come out fighting.

By the end of this health-check, you will:
1. Understand the situation you face, with a 10-point marketing health-check

2. Have a clear, prioritised plan of marketing actions to exit the crisis fighting fit

3. Be able to activate the actions against a clear set of goals and KPIs so that your marketing is in better shape to deliver increased ROI

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From marketing lockdown to business turnaround

3 simple steps to managing your way out of the crisis:

Turnaround steps graphic
Turnaround steps graphic

CMDi’s small, expert team work with you to audit your current situation, develop a strategy to accelerate goal driven marketing actions and then get everything ready to help you activate the plan, quickly and with certainty.

CMDi’s 10-point Crisis Marketing Health-Check and Action Plan

1. What are your business and marketing objectives now vs. what they need to be to help you emerge stronger and future fit? What actions are required to re-focus your organization’s current goals on what matters most right now?

2. How strong is your brand? What actions do you need to take to sharpen it for a new era of chaos and uncertainty?

3. How focused are you on evolving customer needs? What actions do you need to take to align your products and services to meet them, so you are best positioned to win short-term and longer-term share?

4. Is your customer segmentation, database and/or CRM system ready for a world where budgets need to be focused on only those customers that deliver growth and profit? What short term actions can you take to get it ready to impact on short-term sales and build a better approach for the longer-term?

5. How well do your communications drive action? What actions do you need to take to focus on the things that matter right now to improve customer acquisition or build a bigger share of customer pockets?

6. Is your website focused on the right customers and the right calls to action? What actions are needed to improve customer journeys and deliver greater performance against only high priority goals?

7. Is your online offer ready to capitalise on the massive acceleration in online usage and demand to do more things online, whether purchasing, product search, or training and advice? What action plan can be developed to speed this up?

8. Is your content saying the right things to the right people to deepen engagement and trust – what actions are required to sharpen your messaging and creative to stand out in the crowd and provide authentic messages that build trust? How can you improve the impact of your social media and email marketing to increase its ROI?

9. Is your digital and performance marketing working as hard as it can? What more can you be doing to improve your online offer and make sure it gets found through intelligent SEO, PPC and remarketing?

10. How are you resourcing your marketing, what is your team capable and not capable of delivering quickly, or at all, and are the external partners you currently work with fit for action and delivering their services at optimal cost? Have you identified required changes both short and long-term to ensure your team and partners are working as efficiently as possible?

Costs are flexible, based on your specific needs, and start at just £7500.
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CMDi’s 10-point Crisis Marketing Health-Check

Fast-track to a fitter future
10 point programme

Manage your way out of the crisis with a strategy – not gut instinct

You have three courses of action:

1. Do nothing while your rivals get ready to take share away from you

2. Rush into gut reaction action, doing a lot of things that might work, but with unknown impact and cost – and can’t be proved to have worked

3. Act intelligently by getting a strategy in place now, based on expert advice, so you’re ready to seize advantage and fast-track to a fitter future

Crisis Strategy

Keep calm and choose wisely – why CMDi are the right partners

CMDi’s service has been specifically designed to help you urgently review the effectiveness of your marketing and create a simple but powerful action plan to turn strategy into action.
This service can be delivered entirely in a virtual environment using Skype or Teams, but it’s still very much a bespoke consultancy service led by our top team, working directly with you in a collaborative way.
Because we are experienced in your sector, we can apply our thinking quickly, so you benefit from plugging into our knowledge of what works, and what doesn’t.
This is not the time to employ expensive, unwieldly or large agencies – get totally independent advice from experts with no media or agency axe to grind. We’ll tell you it how it is, not try to sell you something. Other agencies or your current agency can’t do this. Small, agile and on your side, we offer a proven approach to measurably improve your marketing – fast.
Uncertain times often call for a fresh perspective. As independent strategists we can help you think outside of the box, accelerate and innovate, providing new ideas that will be good for business.

Act Now

Manage your way out of the crisis with a strategy – not gut instinct.

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