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Management of marketing in the built environment faces constant challenges: less time, fewer resources, budgets needing to stretch to cover more. In-house creative resource can save companies time and money. But there comes a point at which it is more cost-effective, or time efficient, to reinforce your resource with specialist help.

CMDi’s Creative Outsourcer gives you structured access to a pool of seasoned creative talent: specialists in providing campaigns, content and design solutions for the built environment sector.

Save time finding and managing a team of freelancers, or recruiting an in-house team; access proven talent just when you need it, and share the management or leave it all to CMDi.

Creative Outsourcer is experience-tested, proven to fit seamlessly around any business and integrate with its workflow and team to deliver the creative resource needed in a highly efficient way.

How it works:

Contrary to what many people think, Creative Outsourcer actually increases a business’s creative control in contrast to using in-house solutions. It works by providing a dedicated team of specialists skilled at taking and developing the most complex of briefs. A team who understand a business from its customers’ point of view, and who are expert in helping achieve valuable differentiation that leads to an effective creative solution. Every time.

Creative Outsourcer is a scalable service, enabling businesses to outsource as much or as little as they need, just when they need it. This saves the time of using less efficient resources, the expense of paying for resource when they’re not needed, and the risk of entrusting communications to anyone less than the best.

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Comprehensive resources covering every aspect that may be required, from strategy and creative to content and graphic design

Agile and scalable approach

Proven process for smooth integration with your systems

Flexible block hour payment systems providing value and cost transparency

Contract and SLAs to ensure proper management and the right level of support for your team

Creative Outsourcer icon


We’ve seen immediate benefits of improved brand consistency, with first class support from an experienced team.

Corporate Marketing Manager, BRE

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