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For too long, built environment marketers have generalised – or worse, guessed – what they think their audiences value most about their product or service. Personas enable companies to visualise and understand the buyers they wish to attract, so they can communicate in a more authentic, value based, engaging way.

CMDi’s Persona Builder service has been described as “like putting yourself in the shoes of your highest-rated potential customers.” It creates a detailed profile of real people in real situations, revealing how users actually select and evaluate a product or service.

Personas go deeper in their understanding of specific audiences, enabling insights that lead to greater acquisition and retention – especially in a highly competitive market cluttered with messages and littered with parity.

The better you understand the people with whom you wish to connect, and what they really think about your product or service, the better you can answer their needs – and unlock their spending.

CMDi is pioneering the use of persona based marketing in the sector, with innovative programmes helping to reshape the way many leading organisations are structuring their marketing approach.

Persona Builder is a unique service: it’s a tried and tested, robust, research based programme, designed to move your marketing into a new era of personalisation, as simply as possible.

How it works:

Persona Builder is a proven CMDi service designed to create a deeper, more accurate picture of your customers’ barriers and drivers.

It has a core methodology with bespokable modular options to suit a range of audience complexities and budgets.

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The programme includes some, or all, of the following elements as required:

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Identifies and segments different customers types

Focuses only on the most profitable customers

Develops value propositions to address specific needs

Develops call scripts or sales briefings with appropriate language for each persona

Plans journeys for each Persona

Creates more focused marketing messaging

Creates more targeted offers and collateral

Pinpoints opportunities for leadership and innovation

Creates intelligent CRM

Helps staff visualise who they’re talking to

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CMDi has made an extremely valuable contribution to the CIOB, enabling us to start a member personalised approach. It has been a real pleasure working with the team in a thorough strategic process. The end result has been enriching, both to the business and to me individually.

Kate Macbeth, Associate Director – Marketing & Digital, The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

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