Workshops to help you sharpen your focus

CMDi workshops are designed specifically to help leaders in the built environment focus on the things that matter, involve their teams and facilitate action.

We provide a wide range of workshops so please ask if you require support, or see below some of our most popular sessions.

Find your purpose workshops

This workshop helps you align your people around a shared sense of purpose, by involving your team in the structured articulation of what you stand for and why it matters.

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Strengthen your brand workshops

This workshop helps you consider your current brand positioning and explores ways to sharpen your point of difference.

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How to take your brand to TV

If you’re considering a homeowner or installer brand strategy that uses TV as an above-the-line pull campaign, this workshop helps to get you started.

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Corporate strategy review workshops

This workshop helps you consider your current strategy and explores ways to sharpen your vision and mission and develop the right themes or goals to deliver it.

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