FENSA and CMDi have been working hard to create great new video assets for FENSA approved installers to use on their website and social media channels to show homeowners why they should choose a FENSA Approved Installer, for their replacement window or door installations.

The videos, which have been produced by The Gate and Hotwolf, feature Harry the installer and the famous sticky notes from the FENSA TV ad. These videos are now ready to be shared!

How to find a window or door installer you can trust

There are thousands of installers out there for homeowners to choose from. How do they know which ones they can trust? Better than an online review, better than word of mouth – they should look for a FENSA Approved Installer.

Why choose a FENSA Approved Installer?

Many homeowners may have heard of the FENSA certificate, and may have even seen the FENSA TV ad. Yet they still might not understand what FENSA is and why it is so important that they choose a FENSA Approved Installer. This video explains in a quick and easy way!

5 essential questions to ask your installer

We share helpful advice for people who want to replace windows or doors and need to choose an installer. Here are five questions they should ask any installer before hiring them, starting with the most important: “Will I get a FENSA certificate when the work’s done?”

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