Communications effectiveness

Built environment brands are investing heavily in marketing, but many fail to test if it’s working.

Brands competing in the built environment are facing their greatest range of challenges to date: increasing product parity is driving an incessant pressure to invest heavily in innovation, while reaching time-poor target audiences who are bombarded by similar propositions, is proving harder to achieve cost effectively.

Unsurprisingly, marketing teams under pressure to deliver faster-to-market innovation and engagement are so time-stretched themselves that many simply aren’t measuring the things that matter.

CMDi’s recent survey among 200 sector leaders shows that while marketing spend in general has increased by up to 9%, many companies aren’t measuring the effectiveness of their marketing and communications to the extent they would like. And not in a way that delivers greater agility to respond to changing customer needs.

Some clients say they are too busy to afford the time to test their communications. Our question is simply, can you afford not to? Because the brutal fact is: in the highly competitive world of construction marketing, your communication spend either makes a difference or it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t, not only are you losing advantage but you’re wasting money too.

That’s why sector experts CMDi have created the first online communications effectiveness test designed to help time-strapped marketing teams review how they are doing – quickly and concisely. We called it the Cut Through Test, because it’s an intelligent tool designed to test a brand’s level of effectiveness by providing an incisive snapshot.

The Cut Through Test fast-tracks businesses to an understanding of whether their brand is achieving relevant differentiation and what specific marketing tasks are required to improve cut-through, build mindshare, and ultimately increase preference.

The Cut Through Test only takes three minutes, and generates an instant brand effectiveness report. Try it now at

Dianne Lucas
Managing Director