For the past year, we’ve been quietly sharpening our own brand and now CMD has relaunched as CMDi – with the “i” denoting our unique incisive methodology.

The agency has over 20 years of experience building brands, guiding transformation and designing creative communications solutions for built environment clients. The relaunch is designed to focus our skills on helping clients improve their communications effectiveness in a world where only the most incisive communications cut through and drive response.

CMDi’s mission is simple: to improve insistence for your brand.

CMDi’s approach is proven: only incisive communications cut through and drive response.

Please explore our new site, take the ‘Cut Through Test’, our effectiveness evaluation tool, register for CMDi Blog and access our incisive B2B guides.

So, CMDi – same dedicated focus on the built environment, but now with extra ‘i’ to help clients cut through todays clutter even more effectively. I look forward to telling you more as we continue to add additional tools, guides and news.

Dianne Lucas
Managing Director