Traditional builders’ merchants aren’t built to last. Like most of the Building and Construction industry – yet unlike most other businesses – they’ve been slow to go digital.

Time’s running out. With digital-savvy buyers demanding the convenience online services bring, merchants must either make the switch to e-trading and marketing or watch their competitive power fade.

Introducing E-Merchant Accelerator

E-Merchant Accelerator is a cost-effective digital change programme created specifically for builders’ merchants to accelerate their digital marketing – and future-proof their business.

Supported by the BMF, E-Merchant Accelerator is delivered by a partnership of industry experts: merchant website specialists eCommonSense and the UK’s leading strategic brand building agency for the built environment CMDi.

Two invaluable services integrated in one turnkey solution

Whatever stage of digital transformation a merchant business may be at, E-Merchant Accelerator is the only programme on the market proven to accelerate it by integrating two essential and complementary services.

First, E-Merchant Accelerator delivers a world-class e-commerce website. This enables merchants to offer the online services their customers demand through an online trading platform which integrates seamlessly with their back office.

Second, E-Merchant Accelerator delivers an e-merchant marketing strategy. This maximises investment in the website trading platform, with a complete e-merchant brand and communication strategy: from brand and customer experience review, to a full digital marketing toolkit.

Combined, E-Merchant Accelerator’s two solutions enable merchants of any size to transform their business quickly and confidently. And because the programme is modular, it is designed to meet their immediate digital stage-of-life requirements and budget precisely.

“The BMF see E-Merchant Accelerator as a vital tool to help our members get future fit fast,” says John Newcomb, CEO. Wherever you are with your digital marketing transformation, E-Merchant Accelerator will get you there faster.

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