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In an IBM Global CEO survey, 95% of top-performing organisations identified getting to closer to their customers as their most important strategic initiative over the next five years.

For many built environment brands, and especially membership organisations, this provides several strategic challenges. Many have a one-size-fits-all approach, or a limited segmentation strategy based on a dated or underused CRM system – neither of which enables that objective.

Customer Connector is an end-to-end programme that sets the strategy for, and delivers, a customer closeness approach that strengthens your most important relationships. A vital part is researching customers, to ensure the approach is founded on real customer insight, so that segmentation goes deeper than simple demographics, size, or order information.

Customer Connector is built on our belief that built environment brands need to focus on people as individuals and not generic ‘B2B targets’.We call it P2P. As markets become more crowded, and communications become noise, only those brands which recognise the value of treating ‘targets’ in this way will achieve a real advantage – and only if they get that approach right.

How it works:

Working at board level and across functions, our strategy team helps clients identify clear customer sets and get to the heart of their challenge. We ensure the whole organisation is involved and inputs are mined from all functional perspectives. Then we develop a research programme tailored to requirements, to uncover insights and build an intelligent segmentation model. Where required, we can also support internal teams to set an approach to customising, or building, a CRM system.

Finally, we use our communications expertise to develop engagement strategies, metrics, and creative deliverables for targeting specific customers as ‘people’.

Customer Connector includes some, or all, of the following elements as required:

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Customer analysis and data audit: identify gaps in the organisations current approach

Closeness strategy: cluster analysis, identification of unique target sets, segmentation and/or persona approach, metrics for long-term closeness programme implementation

CRM Review: identifies required change and integration with strategy

Customer research: explore required fields not currently available, identify needs, pain and gain points and define service/product packages relevant to each group

Comms strategy: develop value propositions, priority channels and top level communications to engage each customer set

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CMDi has set CIOB in the right direction to help deliver on its strategic objectives, with a focus on its members and securing a better understanding of their needs. This way, a more personalised approach can be taken to the value proposition, communications, support and service. All of which will help deliver an improved member experience. This is one of the most exciting projects I have worked on.

Janet Talman B.A Hons B.Arch RIBA, Head of Membership and Employer Engagement

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