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Brands that continue to thrive have one thing in common: they stand for something that matters to the people who matter. They have a clear purpose. And even as their market evolves, and they stay agile, they remain true to that purpose.

A brand’s purpose is its reason for being. It acts as their anchor in a sea of change. When a brand launches new products and services, adopts new technologies, complies with new legislation, and responds to changing needs, finding its purpose means it never loses direction.

Businesses use Purpose Constructor as an essential strategic tool, enabling them to align their products and services, customer experiences, internal culture, more effectively.

Leading building and construction brands, and Membership bodies, have found Purpose Builder to be especially relevant for reestablishing their role in their respective industry. For mature brands facing increasing challenges from new competitors who are more marketing-focused and relevant to digital natives, a clear purpose that resonates with audiences is more vital than ever.

How it works:

Purpose Constructor takes into consideration what your market needs, what your organisation is best at, and what your people are passionate about, and arrives at a single higher purpose that combines all three. The result is as unique to your organisation as it is hard for competitors to copy.

Purpose Constructor includes some, or all, of the following elements as required:

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Review of market needs, vision, and direction

Review of the organisation’s competencies and beliefs

Facilitated Purpose workshop at board level

Brand Purpose infographic defining the organisation’s unique role

Top-level product and service ideas to fit the Brand Purpose [option]

Description of the customer experience to fit the Brand Purpose [option]

Description of the internal culture needed to fit the Brand Purpose [option]

Strategic roadmap infographic to set goals, themes and actions [option]

Customer facing Purpose creative assets, from digital to video and print

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The CMDi team has allowed us to focus on key strategic issues and have provided us with a clear focus for the future.

John Newcomb, Chief Executive Officer, The Builders’ Merchants Federation (BMF)

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