All organisations believe they have a Purpose, most think they’ve explained it; few have achieved either. Even experienced leaders tend to confuse their organisation’s Purpose with its Mission or Vision. So, what exactly is it?

A Purpose is a clear and bold affirmation of an organisation’s reason for being in business. It defines and articulates what it stands for in practical, emotional, or ethical terms. However that Purpose is communicated to customers and employees (and words aren’t its only from), it’s the driving force that enables an organisation to crystallise its valuable difference and cultivate its ideal culture.

Your most important brand strategy

Purpose Constructor works at the highest level of brand strategy. It is built upon, and promotes, the concepts of the “purpose economy” which is gaining ground globally. Purposeful brand strategies are pervasive and powerful channels into the hearts and minds of people. When crafted thoughtfully, a Purpose-led brand strategy works as hard at reshaping an organisation’s internal culture as it does creating differentiation and preference among its external audiences.

The reason for this is that a Purpose-led organisation, driven by an empathetic strategy, better understands what will improve the well-being of both employees and customers. This clarity of Purpose helps employees see clearly what they can do to help make the organisation’s meaningful ambition come true. And it gives customers a deep sense of connection with, and belief in, the value of that brand.

Tangible, proven value

The value of such Purpose-led strategies is proven: YouGov research has shown that 89% of clients believe a Purpose-driven organisation will deliver the highest quality products or services. And 89% of employees feel engaged and committed to their work compared with 59% at non-Purpose-centric companies. Moreover, one quarter of British managers would reportedly take a pay cut for a Purpose-led job.

Is your organisation and its culture benefiting from a Purpose-led brand strategy? If not, we can help. CMDi is the UK’s leading strategic agency specialising in built environment brands. We work at board level, using a proven methodology, to sharpen and transform an organisation’s positioning, marketing, and communications.

CMDi can help unlock and define your organisation’s higher Purpose to enable it to move into a new era of value-based growth, with the certainty of getting it right.

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Dianne Lucas
Managing Director