Whether you are a newly-appointed CEO with a mandate to transform your organisation, or an established leader seeking the best strategy on which to base a business reboot, Purpose Constructor is a proven solution that will set you in the right direction.

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Delivering real and lasting change within an organisation takes more than a new strapline. It takes a clearly defined and articulated Purpose. A purpose is an organisation’s reason for being. It acts as an anchor in a sea of change. When launching new products and services, adopting new technologies, and responding to changing needs, finding its purpose means an organisation never loses direction.

Purpose Constructor is a proven ‘strategy tool’ designed by CMDi specialists. It analyses what your market needs, what your organisation is best at, and what your people are passionate about, to arrive at a single higher Purpose that combines all three. The results are as unique to an organisation as they are hard for competitors to copy.

Leading building and construction brands, and membership bodies, have found Purpose Constructor to be especially relevant for reestablishing their role in their respective industry. For mature brands facing increasing challenges from new competitors who are more marketing-focused and relevant to digital natives, a clear purpose that resonates with audiences is more vital than ever.

CMDi is the UK’s leading strategic agency specialising in built environment brands. We work at board level, using a proven methodology, to sharpen and transform organisations’ positioning, marketing, and communications.

Dianne Lucas
Managing Director