Simple – with a good strategy plan. Not a list of tactical activities.

Most of the senior leaders we surveyed in a recent CMDi built environment poll said they were looking to themselves and their teams to drive a more strategic approach to brand building and marketing – especially with so much uncertainty.

CEO’s are most concerned about wasting budget due to lack of focus and Marketing Directors lose most sleep at night about being able to prove the effectiveness of the tactics they are deploying.

That’s why the right place to start 2019 is by creating a brand and communications strategy, based on customer needs and focused on delivering brand differentiation amidst a sea of competitor inertia or competitor action.

Another recent survey by Competitive Advantage highlighted:

Shock news – level of recall for construction brands is low.

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The experience from this research shows, surprisingly, that for many construction decision-makers there seems to be a low level of recall for construction brands. Startlingly this is not only for the more generic products, but also for products with an aesthetic presence or where there is regular interaction with a building’s users.

Planning and actioning a clear brand strategy will:

  • Strengthen brand recall – your opportunity to rise above those construction brands that are failing to create cut through
  • Make tighter budgets work harder – by being more focussed on the right customers, with intelligent segmentation and clear, consistent, motivating messages that customers find exceptionally relevant
  • Ensure accountability and deliver results – in uncertain times, we all need to provide more proof to show with absolute certainty that budgets have been used well, with everything aligned to deliver results
  • Boost business growth and build long-term value with your customer base, especially in uncertain times

Take the first step

The first step to taking effective action is evaluating how strong your brand is right now. CMDi’s Cut Through Test is a quick and simple online tool for assessing the strength of your brand that provides instant suggests on how to strengthen it further – based on years of proven experience.

Or talk to us about how our proven Brand Builder programme can build your advantage. Find out more >

Dianne Lucas
Managing Director