While many built environment brands now recognise the need to integrate a Persona-based approach to their marketing, proven to sharpen accuracy and effectiveness, too many forget the role of their brand.

It’s a costly oversight. Which is why CMDi has put together this guide to show why Persona-based marketing and brand building complement, support, and strengthen each other. Lucratively.

The value of building a “persona” based approach

Persona marketing is all about more deeply understanding the decision-making person to whom you’re communicating, and what they really think about your product or service.

At CMDi, we refer to Persona-based marketing as the move away from B2B to P2P (person-to-person). Because until the machines take over, businesses don’t communicate with businesses and algorithms; they communicate with people and opinions.

Persona or P2P marketing enables you to “map” these real people in a more detailed, empathetic, and strategic way, so you can target your most profitable customers and engage them more effectively – and more cost-efficiently.

In an increasingly cluttered market, rife with parity, research has shown that using a customer persona when creating a B2B email campaign can double the open rate and increase click-through by 500%.

Creating valuable and authentic connections with customers has never been more important, and should be at the top of any marketing agenda right now.

Don’t leave your brand behind

Many organisations can get caught up in the thinly-understood drive to “personalise” and forget the vital role that brand level communications still need to play.

Your brand communications provide the higher purpose that connects customers to your products and services. Without these, your customers can lose sight of the reasons why they remain loyal or buy from you in the first place.

Today’s most effective communications build your brand while also connecting more deeply than ever with the person who buys into it.

To help you understand where Personas fit into your communications hierarchy, CMDi has created a useful summary chart that you can download here.

As you will see, Persona-level comms help sharpen your service and audience propositions, and your campaign messaging. But Brand-level comms are also needed to reinforce and leverage your reason for existing and the value of your difference.

CMDi’s Persona Builder and Brand Builder tool – for built environment brands

As the UK’s leading strategic marketing agency specialising in communications for the built environment, CMDi has been using Personas for some time.

Our Persona Builder tool now makes it easier than even to create a deeper, more accurate picture of your customers to deliver more insightful, actionable value and enabling more profitable customer relationships.


Find out more

Many clients are combining our Brand Builder tool with Persona Builder to ensure they are developing a more incisive and differentiated brand while also getting closer to want their customers actually want. The results speak for themselves.

Find out how to evolve your communications into the era of true, effective personalisation, while strengthening preference for your brand at the same time. Ask me for a personal presentation and see how leading organisations in your sector are already benefiting. dlucas@cmdi.co.uk | 01483 546900.

Dianne Lucas
Managing Director