Fact: strong brands win – those that differentiate and have a clear point of difference, make themselves easier to specify or purchase.

In the crowded world of construction marketing where product and service parity makes it harder to differentiate on benefits alone, the power of a strong brand is what provides that vital edge.

In the globalised, post-recession, post digital world there is growing product parity and greater competition. In every sector it is increasingly difficult to differentiate on product features alone. That is why brand differentiation has become essential for survival.

CMDi launch a new guide to help marketers in the sector communicate the importance of building a stronger brand, by starting with a simple definition of what a brand is.

The guide offers help by explaining how a great brand is constructed, just like a great building and why it is vital to actively manage your own brand – the essential foundation for everything you do.

Why build your brand from the boardroom?

Competitors are able to offer parity products and copy your innovations, but it is much harder for them copy the blueprint of well constructed brand. Brand building is the most important activity a business can undertake to ensure competitive advantage.

Your brand is a valuable asset that needs to be managed at the highest level. Whatever the stage of your brand’s maturity, there is a strategy to make it sharper and more valuable.

Download the 'What Is A Brand?' Guide

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Kenton Meyer
Strategy Director