There are now around one billion web sites, and rising, carrying countless marketing messages. How do you ensure that your site cuts through and motivates action?

Designing incisively from the outset allows a clear path to be cut through to your brand and its products or services.

CMDi has developed ten rules of web design that, together, will allow your site to out-perform the competition and deliver the right response, from the right customers.

An incisive web site is useful, relevant, distinctive and well designed. Most of all it will prompt immediate action. Different web projects will have different design challenges, but there are some incisive design principles that are universal to ensuring a website delivers a more sharply focused customer experience.

  1. Understand the context
  2. Design around the message
  3. Be original
  4. Consider your canvas
  5. Keep it clean
  6. Drop font complacency
  7. Guide the visitor
  8. Hide the distractions
  9. Realistic beats complete
  10. Anticipate instant change
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Ahmed Khan
Client Services Director