You might understand brands, but do your colleagues?

When CMDi surveyed 200 built environment marketing professionals recently, the findings were worrying. A full 89% reported that their organisations do not fully understand what a brand is.

The problem is partly one of ambiguity. There are countless definitions of what a brand means, with little consensus. A clear explanation is hard to find.

We have addressed this, creating a metaphor designed to help everyone in the built environment sector. In simple terms, it explains the complexity and power of a strong brand and shows why it is vital to manage it properly.

Think of a brand as a building.

Like a building, a brand comprises many parts, all coalesced into an entity that offers an experience unlike any other. It is this special brand experience that sets your products apart from other similar products and makes them more valuable to customers.

A brand is not simply one thing, like a building it is the sum of many parts, the rooms, the decor, the lighting, signage and even the occupants. Your brand is a unique combination, impacting both rational and emotional senses with every encounter.

Whenever your customers meet your brand, like entering a building, it affects them. They get a feeling and, even if they could not describe it, they know what it is. When you make them a brand promise, you are giving them a reason to visit and a reason to return.

Why is it important to build, manage and constantly refresh your brand?

Just like buildings, brands need to be managed. Brand management is all about how you build, manage, maintain and renovate your building. Remember brands are not optional, but whether you choose to manage them is.

At CMDi we believe that there has never been a more important time than now for building and sharpening your built environment brand.

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Dianne Lucas
Managing Director