After an intensive two year programme involving a complete brand review and overhaul, the FMB relaunched its new brand at the House of Lords, timed to coincide with its 75th birthday.

“CMDi worked closely with the FMB management team to deliver a programme of change that went much deeper than just a great new logo”, says Brian Berry, Chef Executive, FMB.

“The task was to rejuvenate the FMB brand to make it memorable and valued by FMB members, the construction industry and their clients. To achieve this, we needed to provide cut-through communication and reinforce the significance of the FMB as the only trade body which independently inspects and professionally vets its members’ upon joining. This provides credible proof of their quality.”

CMDi applied their structured brand builder programme to develop a sharpened brand position and manifesto: BUILD BETTER, equipping members with messages and tools to consistently present homeowners with the benefits of using a Master Builder.

“CMDi has helped to transform the FMB into a modern, relevant trade organisation” says Maire Nawaz, Sales and Marketing Director. “The results already speak for themselves: a reverse in membership decline, and just three months after the launch there was a 47% increase in web traffic and a 39% increase in ‘Find a Builder’ views by consumers – exceeding all targets.”

CMDi will continue to work with the FMB to ensure that the brand is applied consistently and to support the FMB on the implementation of the next stage of its strategy.