To help our clients through these challenging times, CMDi have launched a new service to help our clients survive, thrive and get ready for recovery.

Our FREE 1 hour, personal 121 virtual strategy session provides FREE practical help and advice from our expert team.

This 1 hour session will help you prioritise issues and optimise opportunities, helping you build advantage and respond with certainty in uncertain times.

Explore fresh thinking, benefit from proven solutions and brainstorm in an open session, with an expert from your sector.

No obligation and totally confidential, we’d like you to think of this as your COVID-19 marketing ‘phone a friend’.

Take advantage of your time in lock-down and speak to us informally, just 1 hour could make a big difference to your crisis management and help you get ready for recovery.

Strategy buddy – an open session allowing you to talk freely about your situation and ask any burning questions that you may have about your marketing response.

Adapt and survive – what are the key drivers for change in uncertain times, how should your organisation respond to build advantage?

Membership organisation hot topics – discuss a wide range of strategies to demonstrate immediate member value, consider what ‘kit’ you need to deliver against the current reality.

Customer prioritisation – how can you support your customers with the right products or services to deepen value and engagement during what’s now become ‘the new normal’.

Campaign planning – from budgets cuts to customers watching their pennies, how can you deliver successful campaigns in this climate of uncertainty?

Digital acceleration – those organisations that accelerate their digital offer right now will build immediate and long-term value more effectively – how can you accelerate your digital offer?

Board marketing investment – how can you convince your board to invest in marketing during this time, what proof is there that winners invest in visibility and bounce back stronger?

Got another question you want to ask? – we cover a wide range of other topics, simply fill in the form and we’ll set up a session to discuss your specific question with you.

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Your COVID-19 ‘phone a friend’ service, helping you through the crisis and beyond.

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ALSO AVAILABLE – 3 hour virtual strategy workshops – talk to us about how these can support your COVID-19 marketing response.

CMDi – your strategy buddies, helping you through the crisis and beyond.

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