The UK’s leading creative agency for brands competing in the built environment, CMDi, has just launched the sector’s first online communications effectiveness test.

Built on the agency’s unique incisive methodology and years of sector specialism, the “Cut Through Test” gives organisations an invaluable snapshot of their communications’ effectiveness – in just three minutes. And then advises them on which aspects they need to sharpen.

This free Cut Through Test provides a vital starting point for creating more successful communications by clarifying which aspects are most in need of improvement. It explores how focused you are on your customers’ needs, how clearly differentiated and memorable are your messages, and then provides clear actions for improving cut-through, mindshare, and ultimately preference.

Managing Director of CMDi, Dianne Lucas, says, “brands competing in the built environment and related sectors face so many marketing challenges today: increasing product parity, continuous price pressure, time strapped target audiences all bombarded by similar propositions. It’s harder than ever for them to reach customers, let alone be memorable and drive response – but it’s never been more important! Only the sharpest and most compelling communications cut through. That’s why we designed the Cut Through Test to help fast-track their understanding of whether their communications are working, and where we can help.”

Clients who take CMDi’s Cut Through Test are then invited to request a more detailed report in which CMDi strategy experts provide a deeper analysis of their brand’s effectiveness and how it can improve.

“We urge clients to take a more scientific approach to testing their communication effectiveness and undertake as much research as possible. But clients today are so busy, so it’s our job to help them cut to the chase faster with more incisive tools. Because the brutal fact is: in the highly competitive world of construction marketing, your communication spend either makes a difference or it doesn’t.”

The free Cut Through Test can be completed in just three minutes. Afterwards, users receive an instant “incisiveness” score with detailed results to help action improvements.

To take the Cut Through Test now and find out if your communications cut it or not, visit It’s free, fast, and incisive.